A Great Weekend of “Almost There!”

It was a full weekend and a full house as we celebrated the Christmas season with our live nativity and musical presentation of “Almost There” with a 70 voice choir! I want to give a special word of appreciation to all the choir members who began practicing this music in September and for Kathy Meloon and Martha Woodruff for their administrative effort that was needed to make this happen. Dale Choate was a narrator second to none and John and Hayley Baker sang the solos of Joseph and Mary impeccably. The message came through loud and clear due to the great work of our sound technicians Paul Meloon and Colin Cassidy. Thank you to all who served in putting together the nativity from set-up to tear-down and everything in between from shepherds to angels and even a real donkey! A special thank you goes to Joe Gassaway and his team of parkers and greeters who did a fantastic job getting people into the building with some challenging icy conditions.
Most importantly, God was glorified not only in the three presentations, but in you, our church family taking advantage of the opportunity to invite people to hear this gospel presentation. Each ministry performance had many guests. While I had the distinct privilege to meet several of them; I had meaningful conversations with some who are still searching in their spiritual journey and are planning to return. We do this to be a blessing to our community and I simply wish to say thank you to our church family for catching this vision!  Enjoy these pictures that capture highlights of this special weekend of purposeful ministry!

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