From my study…


It is beautiful stereo. In my left ear are the melodic notes of Vivaldi. In my right ear is the sweet drone of the excavator finishing demolition of the house out front! Monday, in an hour and a half, a long-standing obstacle to our public visibility was gone. Yesterday I was at the site talking to the equipment operators. One man asked, “When did you build that new part to your church? I’ve lived in Batavia all my life and never knew this was here!”

Monday evening we had over 1,600 guests show up for Trunk or Treat, many of whom never saw our property before! WOW! It was an incredible evening. Having the house down just opened things up in a fresh and exciting way. Seeing the enthusiasm of all those who participated and helped from our church family was a huge blessing.

This Sunday is Friendship Sunday. Let’s be in much prayer that “obstacles” to faith in Christ be broken down and removed. As Pastor Corey challenged us last Sunday evening, pray that we as a church family will “image God” before our guests for His glory.

Enjoy a few pictures of what’s happened this week outside my study window.


img_6617 img_6648 img_6660 img_6693 img_2603 img_2588

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