Team Togo!

Last evening several members of our mission team met with Eric and Brenda Kosiorek. We wanted to touch base with them before they head back to Mango this Saturday. God was very good to them in His provision to return home for all that transpired with baby Eli and to support Josh and Courtney. When not with family, they’ve been working hard and gathering needed supplies to take back to Africa. As we met last night, I was struck with the caliber of choice servants they are. Amongst all the challenges of daily life in that needy community to which they are called, what occupied our discussion was not a preoccupation with the dirt, heat, bugs, safety, disease, loss of power and internet. What they asked prayer for was spiritual impact. Greater proficiency to speak French. Relational contacts in their neighborhood and surrounding villages. Their mission is first and foremost not about running and maintaining a hospital. It’s about seeing Togolese come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Please pray for them as they return to Africa on Saturday. It will not be an easy flight. Pray for their return drive to Mango from Lome. It will not be an easy 10 hour drive. Pray for their return home as they encounter the various surprises that creep into your residence when unoccupied for several weeks including freezers that have been without electricity due to power outages. Pray that the long-haul view of why they are there would be that which motivates them to endure. Pray that the joy of the Lord would be their supernatural experience. Pray for healing grace as they continue to grieve the loss of their first grandchild. And pray that we would be just as vigilant in seeing why we are right where we are to reach our community for Christ.

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