Sunday School & ABF Adjustments

We’re praising God for breaking our Sunday School attendance record by 40 this past Sunday!

Every room was jam-packed.  Thank you for being flexible, durable and heat-resistant.  The trustees are in the process of addressing the HVAC needs of each ABF room.

Growth is a good problem, and we’re finding ways to be creative to accommodate the folks the Lord has blessed us with.  Jesus once attracted a crowd so large at someone’s house that a paralytic’s friends couldn’t get through the door, so they hoisted him onto the roof and lowered him down to Jesus!  You won’t need to be so unconventional getting into an ABF at Grace.

Because of the crowded conditions a couple changes are in order:

  1. Mark Woodruff’s Forgotten God ABF will relocate to the auditorium.  That’s the best venue for our largest class using a DVD-based curriculum.  Mark’s ABF had 60 people squeezed into their room on Sunday!
  2. Mike Johnson’s Living in the Real ABF will relocate to the Patch room just one door down to accommodate their needs.
  3.  The 4th and 5th grade class will relocate to Pastor Shirk’s old office (southeast corner).
  4. Pastor Jeff will begin the following ABF this Sunday in the gray room where Mike’s class was on Sunday:

The Gospel Journey. New to the Bible? Would you like to know God’s Word better? This class will span one year and move quickly through an overview of the entire Bible. In interactive fashion, we will identify key themes and doctrines that bring clarity and life to our faith.


The Gospel Journey begins here!


See you Sunday!

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