We Want to Hear What God is Doing!

Processed with Rookie Cam

This past Sunday, many of us wrote down the name of an individual who needs to know Jesus as their personal Savior.  A mere magnet and a simple sharpie were used to write that name.  However, nothing has changed in that individual’s life from their name being written on a magnet with a sharpie. It is our commitment to pray for the Lord’s work in that individual’s life that will bring about opportunity for life change.  So how about you?  Have you been praying for the person on your magnet? From praying, have you had opportunities to share your faith, talk about spiritual things, or even invite them to church?  If so, we want to hear all of your “God stories” and share them with the church!  We always want to acknowledge how God is answering our prayers for lost people, whether big or small.  Maybe you ran into them at the store and decided to connect over coffee, maybe they called you up “out of the blue,” or maybe you shared your testimony with them for the first time.  Whatever it is, we want to hear it. We want to hear about all the interactions, opportunities, and conversations that God is ordaining because of our prayer for lost people.  Contact any of the pastors with your “God story” and we may ask you to share and encourage the rest of the church with your God-answered prayer.


Thank you, we are looking forward to hearing about what God is doing!


-Pastor Corey

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