Gateway to Prayer (part 2)

Grateway to Grace Prayer 6 15 16
Again there are stories. Over the last several Sundays we were blessed with testimonial “pictures within the picture” from our May prayer gathering. Wednesday evening was no exception. We circled together and prayed for the glory of God to be manifested in days to come through people coming to faith in Christ. One voice that joined the voices that went to the throne of grace Wednesday evening was David Tran. Unlike some of the testimonies we’ve heard, David was present at our ground breaking prayer circle in 2011, but still on the outside looking in. In the course of time, God broke into his lost world and transformed him into a brand new creation (Eph. 2:4). This time David was truly part of the family of believers circled in prayer!
This Sunday morning is our target day to make a tangible commitment to see our prayers answered for more transformed lives like David’s. As we’ve repeatedly said, our “Gateway to Grace” parking project is not about gravel and blacktop; it’s about hearts and souls. Might we gather on Sunday with grateful and ready hearts to praise Him in the privilege to invest in the one and only thing that will outlast us – souls redeemed for eternity.


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