Grace Business Meetings Not Boring!


Circling the Sanctuary in Prayer

“Our business meetings are anything but boring!” is a new advertising slogan for Grace Baptist Church.  It’ll appear on the cover of this Sunday’s bulletin.  Just kidding.  I don’t think it would sell.  “Business” is viewed as boring by some.  And that slogan would be taken the wrong way by others.  Too many have had church-business experiences that could air on the Jerry Springer Show.
Business meetings at Grace are exciting, but not for their entertainment value.
In 2015, people gave their lives to Christ.  Many were baptized.  Attendance was up.  More people served than ever before.  More people gave more than ever before.  A much longed-for property was acquired.  Parking was expanded.  And it’s all God.  God is moving in and through Grace.  That’s what a church business meeting ought to point us to – God.  Last night’s annual business meeting was a time of reflection and rejoicing for what the Lord did in the life of Grace in 2015.  And it was a time of reorientation around what matters for 2016.  Don’t miss these meetings; I’m telling you, they’re exciting!
If you participated in last night’s meeting – THANK YOU.  Your dedication to your church honors God and is a bold testimony to a watching world.  Just showing up is a huge shot in the arm to your pastors.  Grace isn’t carried on our shoulders.  It never will be.  The Lord builds His church and He wants to use each and every one of us.  It takes a church to grow people in God.  Thank you for being a committed part of the process every step of the way.
Thank you also for your part in the spirit of love that is evident at Grace and in our business meetings.  The growth of Grace is, in part, the fruit of single-mindedness.  Our business meetings are not driven by self-serving agendas, dollar signs and numbers.  They’re fueled by ministry, vision, and unity, all for the Gospel.  Circling the sanctuary to dedicate ourselves to God’s work in 2016 concluded last night’s annual business meeting with Grace as it should be.  How will God show up in 2016?  I don’t know, but when we follow Him together, it’s bound to be anything but boring.
Pastor Jeff

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