We Believe!

Cantata 2015-13

What a weekend! “Believe in Christmas” was much more than a wonderful Christmas event! It was also a statement about our church families’ belief in the important value of serving. Along with the choir and those who shared testimonies, we had over a 100 people serving for each presentation – from parkers to greeters and nursery workers, angels, shepherds, wise men, Joseph, Mary and a menagerie of animals!  A variety of other behind the scene people also contributed to the success of our three presentations. We wish to express a heartfelt “thank you” to all involved!
What made this such a meaningful weekend of ministry was its purpose: to clearly communicate what it means to believe in the Christ of Christmas. Many of you took advantage of the opportunity to invite friends and family to hear the hope of the gospel. Spiritual seeds were planted in many hearts. Moving forward, prayer and future conversations will need to take place in our collective burden to see people who are either struggling in a religion that does not work, or suffering in the fear of a physical illness, or stuck in problems that might seem insurmountable, come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Let’s stay faithful in modeling what it looks like to believe!
Enjoy a few pictures of our weekend compliments of Charissa Tosh.
Cantata 2015-3Cantata 2015-4

Cantata 2015-6Cantata 2015-5  Cantata 2015-7 Cantata 2015-8 Cantata 2015-9 Cantata 2015-10 Cantata 2015-11 Cantata 2015-12  Cantata 2015-14 Cantata 2015-15 Cantata 2015-16  Cantata 2015-19Cantata 2015-17

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