How do you handle your hurt?

Morning Meditations

Yesterday, I was given a special gift from Marlene Burling – a copy of her newly published book: Morning Meditations. What began as a personal exercise to process her grief upon the death of our friend, Autry, and her husband of 51 years took on a life of it’s own and resulted in this wonderful collection of devotional thoughts. Marlene has a gift to keep things simple yet substantive. She has a cultivated eye that captures common and relatable daily occurrences, and points the reader to the eternity contained in those moments.
Marlene is a gift to our church family and I’ll take 10 of her on my team any day! She exudes a special sweetness of life that only Jesus produces when one surrenders their deepest hurts to His sovereign Lordship. You will do well to glean from her reflections and even get a jump on a great gift idea because, Christmas is coming!   See Marlene if you’d like to purchase some copies and she’ll be glad to help you out!

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