Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

240 Vine Street

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

This morning I received this text from Don Childs: “The closing is done. The property is ours.” Those eight words marked the end of a long standing prayer of our ministry. Prayer and patience resulted in the privilege of seeing God unmistakably provide us with this property! While we are very grateful to our trustees who facilitated this transaction, GOD, in His sovereign timing, made this happen. We give Him all the glory!
The acquisition of 240 Vine Street was not simply a long standing prayer of our church, but a long standing vision – to see more individuals come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ here in Batavia. We need this property because God continues to be active in transforming lives, one life at a time. Space is needed for parking, not because we are all about gravel and blacktop, but because we are about hearts and souls.
While we give God all the glory for this, we also give a special thank you to one of our trustees, Don Childs, for dedicating the needed time to facilitate the details of the closing. We also wish to say thank-you to you – our church family for your sacrificial commitment that enabled us to purchase the property. So, while today marks the conclusion of one vision, it is the beginning of another: to in the near future see it filled with cars that bring people who need Christ and become His fully devoted followers!

One thought on “Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

  1. What great news! We are a blessed people! So excited to see what God will do next. This is the beginning of another chapter, so to speak, of God’s story at Grace Baptist, Batavia. I’d like to challenge our church family to remember and pray for those who are closing a chapter on this property. A family lived and loved in that little house. When you pull into the parking lot and watch the changes take place – could you ask our Heavenly Father to bless their hearts. It’s quite possible they won’t be excited or feel like rejoicing when the they observe those same changes. Letting go often takes some time. Pray God would be working in their hearts and that someday, soon, they too would be able to rejoice in what God is doing with the space the people they love called home.

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