On Mission For Missions

Kosioreks Commissioning - pulpit

An excellent book called Look and Live by Matt Papa states, “Missions is this: We enjoy God and therefore we share God. To be “on mission” is leveraging your time, talents, and resources for the joy of others and the advancement of the gospel, wherever you are.” He goes on to say, “Missions is this: crossing a culture to reach a people who have little or no access to the gospel, with the proclamation of truth and the planting of churches as paramount.”
We as a church family are greatly blessed to partner with a family who have modeled what it looks like to be “on mission” which ultimately led them to “missions.” This next week it is both our privilege and important duty to be “on mission” on their behalf. Specifically, now and next week, more than ever here is what being “on mission” is to look like for us: PRAYER.
This Monday, June 29, Eric, Brenda, Caleb, Daniel and Michael Kosiorek leave France for Africa. They arrive in Lome’ Tuesday and then travel to Mango on Wednesday. Pray that their luggage arrives with them! Pray for God’s grace in the details of this journey. Pray that their spirits will be strong in light of the physical and emotional drain of the past months in getting to this point. Pray that they would be protected from evil people. Pray that Brenda’s eye will continue to experience the grace of God’s healing. Pray for the paperwork details of getting their visas in Lome’. Pray for a good time of adjustment as they get settled in to their temporary housing for the next four months. Pray that they will be able to locate permanent housing in the near future. Pray that they will grow closer as a family and that Eric and Brenda’s marriage will flourish.  Pray for the boys as they adapt to this new adventure and that their walk with God will deepen. Pray for Eric as he begins to wrap his brain around his new responsibilities in running the physical plant of the hospital. Pray that the “joy of the Lord would be their strength” and that their enjoyment of God will be that which spills out of their lives as they embark in this new journey of being “on mission” doing “missions.”
Kosiorek's, we love you!

            “Kosiorek’s- We Love You!”

Pastor Shirk

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