Shannon Schmit Baptism

Shannon Schmit

David Tran Baptism

David Tran

Kara Grohs

Kara Grohs

Jennifer Yuhnke Baptism

Jennifer Yuhnke

Eric Stroud Baptism

Eric Stroud

Last Sunday, Father’s Day, was so much more than just Father’s Day! It was a celebration of God’s goodness and grace in our midst. We celebrated the blessing of how the Lord is at work in the lives of our men. They are working hard at being men of eternal influence in their important capacity as fathers. We also celebrated the five stories of transformation that were our privilege to hear by those baptized.
What was a special blessing to me in the testimonies was how God used YOU – our church family as vessels to draw others to Himself in saving grace.  A dad took a teachable moment in the life of His son and rather than just yell at him for disobedience, wisely used that tender time of failure to point his son to where genuine spiritual help could be found. A family by faithful attendance to the services week in and week out experienced God’s clear work in the life of their daughter through the preaching of the Word. A boyfriend led his girlfriend to the “path that leads to life” by inviting her to church.  A couple took the initiative to not just to pray about a young man in their lives, but seized that opportunity to present the gospel to a searching heart. A friend was called because of the clarity of her godly live that emanated hope to one who had lost their way… and then found Jesus as the healer and help of her soul.
Enjoy the pictures of these testimonies from a special day that recognized our earthly dads and the life changing work of our Heavenly Father! You may click on this link to watch the testimonies.


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