Friday Frivolity ~ Staff Instrumental Style

A merry heart does good…

The staff here at Grace is quite talented. Of course we seek to be humble and not flaunt our gifts but you know sometimes you just have to share your gifts with others to bless them. So to perk you up this bone chilling mid-winter weekend here’s a little somthin’ somthin’ from Pastors Shirk, Bartz and myself. Leading off is me on the flute, followed by Pastor Shirk on the trumpet and Pastor Bartz on the sax (because he is just so smooth- it’s the beard ya’ know). Enjoy!

Oh, and Pastor Shirk says, “Hi!” from Iowa where he is driving Claudia around in this beauty as they share at a state fellowship marriage conference (or so he says they are :)).

Shirk Mustang

2 thoughts on “Friday Frivolity ~ Staff Instrumental Style

  1. Thank you for remaining humble with those “talents”. 🙂
    If Jeff and I were at that conference, he would be “driving” me around on that beauty in the background!

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