Purposeful Friendships

the-purpose-of-christmasA friend shows himself friendly and many of the folks at Grace Baptist did just that on Sunday. They did so by inviting a friend to church. Nothing fancy, just a “Hey, would love to have you join me for church” offer. Many prayed and made that very offer. Some, perhaps, were declined but apparently many were not.  The auditorium was packed. We gave away 32 “Purpose of Christmas” books. That means at least 32 friends heard the gospel in person and took the gospel home with them in print. Wow, that is a great Sunday!

Now here is the hard part: keep praying for your friends (even the ones who may have said no thanks to your invitation) and keep inviting them. Just around the corner is our annual Ladies Christmas Party (Friday, December 5th), a Men’s Breakfast (Saturday, December 13th) and especially of note, the Christmas Cantata, “Christmas Makes Everything New” (Friday, December 19th005706202 and Sunday, the 21st). The cantata features a 60 voice choir along with purposeful testimonies. The cantata provides another can’t miss opportunity to share the gospel with a friend. What could be more exciting than seeing a friend become a brother or sister in Christ this holiday season? God has used these very events to do just that. Keep being a friend, keep praying and keep inviting!

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