Until Your Love Runs Out

DSC_4899Sometimes we find ourselves in a dry spiritual land. We know what we should do and what we should be but those are distant ideals and places to us. We go through motions only to find ourselves farther away from nowhere and nowhere closer to God. We’ve lost what we found and were not quite sure how to find it again. The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind (sorry Bob Dylan) but residing within. God is no farther away than a moment of humility. He is no harder to find than through the closed eyes of a simple prayer. The question is not where is God, but where am I.

Here are 5 “I Will’s” (since Lucifer had 5 in Isaiah to run away from God; the believer can have 5 to run to God!) and a simple prayer. Commit to these and see how what once was lost can be found.

I will give You all my heart until Your love runs out.

I will pour out my soul to You until Your mercy is an empty cup.

I will run after You until you breathe Your last breath.

I will lift up my voice to You until Your compassion fails.

I will trust in You alone until Your word is no longer true.

“Lord, that which I cannot see is all I need and that which I cannot hold, is all I have. You alone are my reason and hope. You alone are my God. Nothing and no one compare to You. Forgive me of my wandering affections. Accept my broken spirit as a humble offering. Lift up my bowed disposition. Purge me of my selfish passion. Renew my vigor for Your will and way. Restore my joy and I will chase after You until Your love runs out.  Amen.”

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