From The Center Of The World



rQAEexTNBBhikgvlAod4yzEK7MITk7kaAgfpU-Zt0eEA group of us returned recently from the center of the world (Quito, Ecuador) on a mission trip. We were literally at the equator and at 9,500 feet elevation! We spent 10 days serving alongside our missionary partners, the Davoll’s. God blessed our trip in so many ways.

We approach our mission trips with a partnership approach. We go where the  missionaries we support are. Once there, we do whatever we can to support them and the work God has called them to. Our vision is to see a very real relationship develop between our church and the church plants we are supporting. We not only want to pray for them; we want to pray with them.

This is why it is an extra blessing to receive an update like this from the Davoll’s:

(The first part references a day of sharing cookies baked by the ladies on our team and praying with area business people).

So, baking cookies and taking them to local business as a door-opener to pray with the people…any value? Good cookies! Well, I got a call today and met with a couple who asked us to pray for their son Edger who was on drugs and alcohol. I think Ashley prayed with her. They asked for help with their son who just “happened” to say on Thursday that he needed to get to a church for help. Please pray for Edger as things have gotten worse but he is asking for help. Go and make disciples. He will build His church! There were 2 new couples in church on Sunday who attended la Conexion the first time for Amor y Respeto (Love & Respect). Thank you for being a blessing here in our Jerusalem!

Praise God we could be of help and blessing to our partners. In return, they were a huge encouragement and blessing to us. The passion of the Davoll’s was unparalleled. The people of Ecuador were gracious hosts. The scenery was beautiful. God was good.

Here are few pictures from our trip:


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