Kayla Coming Home

Kayla ImageKayla Underwood spent most of her summer college break serving on a summer mission internship in Madrid, Spain. Quite an undertaking for a freshman in college! This Sunday we welcome Kayla home. She will share 8 weeks of intense ministry experience in just 15 minutes; also an undertaking. To help, we offer you her last blog post (it is worth reading!)  from her time in Spain and urge you to go back farther and read more of her thoughts and meditations of God working in her and around her.

Here is a link to her blog site. 

Here is her last blog post:


I can’t begin to organize my thoughts enough to write them down…I am overwhelmed by my God. In all honesty, there have been some very hard moments over these past 2 months – but God remains and He is always faithful to me. I have learned from the hard times, and have had to remember that hard is not bad, its just hard. I’ve also discovered that when you run to Jesus – He truly does give you rest, and its a wonderful thing. I cannot begin to explain how important it has been for me to spend personal time with God every day…I am convinced that my time in the Word has been a sustainer for me. The things I have learned about God in my life has changed my perspective about Him in the lives of people around me, and His power to change lives around the world. Infinite is His might, boundless is His love, limitless His grace, glorious His saving name. We serve a great God…which means we can ask great things of Him, but it also means we can ask, what we perceive, as “little things” of Him as well. And so, that’s what I began to do…ask Him to give me a good night’s sleep…to help me understand a church service…to teach me how to pray in Spanish…to put something in my day that would make me smile to provide needed encouragement – and you know what’s awesome…He always answered me. Not always in the way I was expecting…but He always answered, and not because He had to, but because He cares for me as His daughter and wants me to know that He is and has always been there and will never leave me. When I needed rest, He gave me rest. When I didn’t have the words, He spoke for me. When I needed to smile, He made me laugh. My God is too good to me, and I don’t deserve any of it. How could I not want to serve Him? How could I not want to obey Him? How could I not want to love Him? …those are questions I remind myself of every day. Christ died for me – what am I willing to do for Him? Is Christ truly enough for me?…am I content and completely satisfied only in Him? I should be, I need to be…because He is the only thing is this world that will satisfy, and the only one who will never disappoint. For that I am forever grateful – to have a Savior who is there, ready to embrace me, even when I am distant.

Here I stand a child of Yours 
Broken and in need of You 
Break these chains and wash my guilt away 
Healer of my brokenness 
My weary soul will find its rest 
You are my strength, the lifter of my head 
You’re greater than my yesterdays 
You hold me close today 
You’re the Lord of my tomorrows 
My heart will always say 

Your mercy saved me 
Mercy made me whole 
Your mercy found me 
Called me as Your own 

– Mercy – Casting Crowns –


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