What Is A GUBA?

Guest post today from Pastor Jeff Bartz.

What’s a GUBA you ask? A GUBA is a kid who is Growing Up Born Again. In other words, it’s a kid who is growing up in church, perhaps even growing up in a Christian home. It’s easy for them to show up at church; they’re made to come.  Sometimes at church they feel like they’ve “heard it all before.”  It’s not hard to understand why GUBA Kids sometimes have a tough time owning their faith.  Because their faith was never their own, some leave the church and the Lord after they graduate. They were just going along with something they were made to do.

We went to Camp Bethany in Sinclairville, NY to devote a weekend to addressing the unique challenges our GUBA Kids face, like:

  • Motives for attending church
  • Having a vision for the church – Jesus’ bride!
  • Going to the right places when struggling with doubt
  • Honoring parents
  • Choosing influences
  • Having a genuine, consistent time with God
  • …and much more!

Our time was designed to invoke a passion for taking greater ownership of a walk with the Lord. We wanted to offer hope to students – that they can have a firsthand faith, and they can start living it this weekend!  With messages from God’s Word in 1 Samuel 1-3 we challenged them to throw away their secondhand religion that they wear on the outside and embrace Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s Word for themselves.

Several young adults (Danny & Aimee Dawson, Collin Cassidy, Taylor White, Meg Hurlbut, Emily Pelton, and BJ Greathouse), many of whom are former GUBA Kids, joined in on the excitement and served on a panel for two sessions, interacting with several questions, two of the biggest being, “How come some GUBA Kids don’t stick?” and “As a GUBA Kid, how can I insulate myself from a corrupt world?”  Their dynamic insights into the issues facing GUBA’s today, along with extended opportunities for personal time with God, greatly impacted our students!

That’s the spiritual content of the weekend in a nutshell.  The video captures the fun.

THANK YOU! to our youth leaders, young adults, and students for making this a memorable and spiritually rich weekend!

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