Church Rocks Because Our Children’s Team Does

Child Thank You

We have an awesome team at Grace that minister to the children God brings our way. I am humbled by their servant spirit and true joy in serving the Lord by serving kids.

At times children’s ministry can be a somewhat thankless role. Rarely do Sunday School teachers and children’s ministry workers end up on the platform giving testimonies of exciting happenings in the children’s department. Cleaning up after rambunctious munchkins and making sure everybody makes it back from the bathroom just isn’t the stuff compelling praise and testimony time is made of. Yet, seeds are sown. Foundations are laid. Parents who desperately need to be fed the Word are because their kids are safely being taught the Bible in another room. Even the dad who is far from faith can be exposed to Christians and the love of Christ because someone is willing to care for and share Christ with his child.

So, when something like this (picture above) comes from a “new to us” child like Kylee, we get excited. This is our (earthly) thank you.

And this is my thank you to all who serve in our children’s ministry. You are making a difference one little life at time!!!

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