How Do You Spell Summer ~ M.i.s.s.i.o.n.s Of Course


English was not my best subject (still ain’t), but I really do know how to spell summer. It’s just that missions are a big part of our summers. No sipping sweet tea by the pool, nope, we will be serving the body of Christ in Spain and Ecuador this summer.Kayla in Spain

Kayla Underwood (pictured to the right in Spain last year) will be serving a summer internship with a team from A.B.W.E in Madrid, Spain in June and July. Kayla attends Baptist Bible College and is interested in and praying about a Spanish speaking ministry after graduation. For more about Kayla and her trip to Spain (and to even support her) click here for her blog.

11 of us (pictured above) will be heading off to Ecuador to help our missionary partners, the Davoll’s, in July. Every year we seek to send a group to visit and minister along side one of the missionaries we support. Here is a video John Baker (of the Ecuador team) created to raise his support that gives a great overview of our trip. Make sure you watch all the way through for the bloopers. I’m grateful for the ingenuity and resourcefulness that seems to be present on this team! If you would like to help John, and by extension, others on the team go and be a blessing to the Ecuadorian people this summer, click here. John has some awesome thank you gifts for supporters!

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