One Year ~ Remembering Kailee Bridges

One year, one life, one God, one Savior, one way, one truth, one eternity.

There is one day coming that will be the last day of your life. Only God knows that day. As Moses wisely asked of God, “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Wisdom, you see,  lives for THAT day, the last day, a day that leads to forever. The wise life understands this life is not all there is. Indeed, this life is but a vapor.

Our family said goodbye, for now, one year ago today to Kailee Bridges. Here is what I wrote last May 8th, the morning after Kailee’s home going:

At 7:00 pm on the 7th of May, Kailee Bridges’ eyes saw holy. Leaving behind the pain of cancer, she was welcomed home by Jesus Christ. All things are new and wonderful to her now because Jesus gave His life for her life that she might have eternal life. Kailee believed Jesus gave Himself for her. She believed God was with her in her cancer, as hard as it was. She committed her days and the number of them to Him. She was at peace with leaving this world because she was sure of where she was going in the next. She was grateful that she could leave a piece of her with us in her daughter, Lilly. We are too, and we want to show love to her this Friday night.

That love was shown through a concert given by Bebo Norman just three days after Kailee’s passing. It was a memorable community memorial service led by Bebo. Here is one of the songs he closed out the concert with titled, “Sing of Your Glory.” Will you sing of God’s glory forever?

Here are some links to blog posts about Kailee and her story from last year:

This post features an interview with Bebo Norman and myself on WDCX

This post was an update on Kailee and her battle with cancer just after her 20th birthday.

This post was the story behind how Bebo Norman ended up coming to Batavia for the “Love for Lilly” concert 

This was the post that started the story…”Worn: A Video for Kailee”.  


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