Spring Break?


“So, what did you do with your spring break?” That question will dominate conversations next week in area public schools, but for a group of teens from Grace their answer will be quite unlike the rest. In fact it might sound something like this: “I went to a bunch of workshops. I helped rake the property of a church with some elderly folks. I drove around a beat up old downtown of a city that nobody wants to move to and heard a twenty something year-old share his passion to minister to the poor and needy of that city. I went to New York City and handed out business cards for a new church that is trying to get started in the heart of the city. I had an awesome spring break.” You call that an awesome spring break?

Yes, we do. It’s called “Radiate.” A four-day ministry intensive put on by Baptist Bible College to challenge teens to reach out instead of vegging out with their spring break. In addition to everything in the above answer; the teens also spent 4 nights on the campus of BBC mixing in with college students and attending college chapels. An incredible, purposeful way to spend a spring break! Enjoy some pictures from various members of the Radiate team. Here is BBC’s write-up of the Radiate as well.

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