Is “Heaven For Real” For Real?

Is heaven for real? You can bet your (eternal) life it is. But, the question of our day is,  “Which heaven is the real one?” You mean, there is more than one? No, there is only one, but there are these days no shortage of differing claims to the real heaven. Does a 4 year-old boy have the real heaven? Does the Bible have the real heaven? Because the two don’t seem to agree on the real heaven. Hmm, to borrow a line from another popular movie; “Houston (shall we say Heaven) we have a problem.”

The movie “Heaven Is for Real” is in theaters as of today. Undoubtedly it will draw millions in paying audiences. But will it draw people closer to the real heaven? Pastor David Platt doesn’t think so and challenges Christians to be discerning on this matter of what heaven is really like. Here is the video shown here at Grace this past Sunday morning.

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