Pray Today For Tomorrow

The Supreme Court will hear arguments from Hobby Lobby & Conestoga Wood. These corporations are owned by Christians who state, “their religious beliefs prohibit them from providing health coverage for contraceptive drugs and devices that end human life after conception.” Such “healthcare” is of course mandated by the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA); also known as Obama Care. The case is drawing massive attention and here is why; because what is at stake far exceeds the nature of the details of this case. What is at stake is the broader nature of religious liberty and the State’s encroachment upon it. The State increasingly demands that it be given more and more say over matters of conscience. You MUST bake a cake for a wedding you do not think is a valid wedding. It is not that we endorse doing so and think it is a nice thing to do; instead, it is you MUST or face penalty. You must pay for abortions. Not, it is an option you can make available to your employees; but rather you MUST or face penalties. This is nothing more than simple coercion of the worst kind; mixing matters of conscience with the power of the state.

Religious liberty is a hallmark of our nation as well as Baptist history. Our founding fathers were very aware of the danger that comes when the state tries to play the role of church (and vice versa!). Power feeds the desire of men to think they are in the place of God and they begin to think they alone can dictate conscience to the masses. The strength of our nation has not come from our government deciding conscience; but protecting the freedom of the people to decide and live by their own conscience.

Power is easy to get drunk on. There are three things that happen when one is drunk with something.  They cease to think clearly, the conscience becomes seared, and we do what we otherwise never would. This is why nations rise and fall. Our founding fathers were wise to this. They understood the need to protect the nation from itself by limiting the power government could have over the conscience. This is what is at stake in the case before the supreme court.

So, pray today for what we will learn about tomorrow. Religious liberty is a disappearing freedom and if God wills it disappear even more from our nation, so be it. God is sovereign and his plan will not be denied or even thwarted by any government. My hope is not in a Supreme Court, decision but in the blood of Jesus. But I prayed today for my country and for my freedom of conscience, nonetheless.

One thought on “Pray Today For Tomorrow

  1. In homeschool this semester we are studying American Government. It has been a timely and interesting study with all that is going on in our country today. Your last paragraph sums it all up! We are to do our part and trust God with the results! Praise the Lord we know this is not our home and we have a better day to look forward to!

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