Reaching The Midpoint

It’s a grind like no other, this learning another language business. But in time it comes;  noun by noun, adjective by adjective, sentence structure by sentence structure, conversation by conversation. The blocks build one upon another and before you know it language takes shape. This is the arduous task the Kosiorek family has engaged in for the past 7 months. Next month marks the midpoint in their studies. They have worked hard, studied hard and applied themselves fully to be able to minister the gospel to the Togolese people.

Meanwhile 2,500 miles away, one block is being built upon another.  These are the blocks that will build the hospital the Kosiorek family will minister through as they help see churches planted in northern Togo. At the request of the Togolese government, ABWE (Association of Baptists for Worldwide Evangelism) is constructing the “Hospital of Hope” in Mango, Togo. This hospital will serve as the focal point of reaching an area that missiologists refer to as the “contested zone” in Africa. This is the zone between a predominantly Muslim north Africa and a Christian influenced southern Africa. The hospital is a strategic ministry in slowing the progress of Islam moving south while establishing a beachhead to move the gospel north. God has provided in incredible ways for this hospital. He has provided the funds to build it and the team (much of it anyway) to run it. The Kosioreks are a key part of this team. Eric will be responsible to keep the hospital up and running so the doctors and nurses can meet physical needs. All the while, the team will be there to meet the greater spiritual need of the Togolese people.


Pray for the Kosioreks as they reach the midpoint of their language studies. Pray God would be working in and preparing the Kosioreks for the work He has for them in Togo. Pray for the completion of the hospital project. The hospital is scheduled to be completed next January, the month the Kosioreks arrive! Above all, pray for souls to be ready for the gospel!

Here are the latest photos of the progress being made at the hospital in Togo.

Jamie Dawson just returned from spending several weeks visiting the Kosioreks in France. Here is a video she put together with many of the sights from the area where the Kosioreks are in language school in France.

BTW, I will be heading over there April 25th to visit them…more to come on that.

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