5 Observations Of The Ham/Nye Debate

Ham NyeThe Bill Nye – Ken Ham debate apparently scratched where a million or more people were itching.  Despite hoots and hollers from Evolutionists everywhere for Bill Nye not to do this debate, the event drew a huge audience on both sides. Reality is, millions of people want a sincere and robust discussion on this matter of conflicting worldviews. And make no mistake what this debate was really about; two fundamental worldviews – not science! (read Albert Mohler and see how even our blog post beforehand set this debate up in these terms) The fact that over 200 people showed up at our church in our small town with very little advance promotion speaks volumes about how heavy this matter weighs on people.

With all of this mind in I would like to share five post-debate observations.

1. Give credit to Ken Ham. He is willing to stand up and debate for what he believes. He was willing to put himself out there and engage an opposing view in friendly and vigorous discussion (Nye for that matter too!). Many of us, myself included, love to play Monday (or in this case Wednesday) morning quarterback with events like these. You know the, “He should have said this, he should have done that” type of stuff. Easier said than done my friend! There is a reason most of us never come within a “million years” (evolution pun that was intended) of ever playing any level of serious quarterback; it is really hard to do! So is debating. Truth is, I couldn’t even come within a Kentucky mile of doing what Ken Ham did. So props to him for being willing and handling himself quite admirably.

2. Ken Ham won, period. You know why? Because he presented the gospel. The gospel always wins (more on that in a moment). Who gets to share the gospel with over a million people (besides the actual quarterback, not the armchair guy, who wins the Superbowl)? From a pure “secular” view of debate points etc. Ken Ham may or may not have won, but let’s not get drawn into that kind of analysis. The Word of God was graciously defended and the gospel shared, to me that trumps style points.

3. Evolutionists (many of them) are blind to the very thing they accuse Creationists of; close-minded ignorance. Ken Ham was very upfront about his beliefs and his presuppositions while Bill Nye was not. Precisely because he thinks he has none which is patently absurd for such a “reasonable man.” How many times have we heard, “You Christians put all your belief in a book written by men that has errors in it.” That is exactly what secular humanist do by definition. Touché my atheistic friend. Never mind that we have proven this assertion untrue! In addition, Bill Nye exposed himself as woefully ignorant of the world Ken Ham lives in. Which is fine, except he sits in judgment of it, which we are told by his secular friends ad nauseam that judging others is a morally reprehensible thing to do. You can’t have your moralist evolutionist cake (oh, that is right, there is no such thing because someone created it) and eat it too. If you insist on open-mindedness Mr. Nye, then practice it.

4. My eschatology tells me we will not win the current debate but we will win the eventual battle. I am a dispensationalist (don’t judge me 🙂 read point #3) so I see a future world that will come to a place where it will willingly follow the anti-Christ. That tells me the tribe that detests Christ and the Word of God will be alive and well on this earth moving forward. Bill Nye is troubled by the Bible and wants it kept away from children. This is consistent with the teachings of Scripture as to the end times (try that on for predicting the future Mr. Nye!).  In the short term we can expect to lose ground on  this debate. In the long term though, creationists will win – twice ( think new heaven new earth)!

5. The debate may end up serving to be illustrative of a diminishing orthodoxy. As evolution takes a stronger foothold in the broader society some in the Christian camp have abandoned orthodoxy (taking Genesis literally) to be culturally relevant. To seem “reasonable” and to ostensibly gain an audience with their neighbors some have jettisoned the creation issue to one of either secondary nature or just all-together. This too is indicative of the itching ears that will populate churches in this age. There are some good Christian folk who have decided the evidence of “science” is more compelling than the Word of God. Thus alternate theories and hypotheses (Gap, Day Age, Framework, etc) have been developed and embraced to allow for millions of years and God still be some sort of Creator ( if they even hold to God as Creator anymore). The debate may actually heat up more within the Christian community moving forward than within  the broader secular population. This does not dismay me at all, but is consistent with what we should expect if we read the Bible and take it literally and seriously.

The huge audience and wide-ranging response to this debate proves people are hungry for answers to life’s great questions, “Where did we come from?”, “What is the point of life?”, “Is there more than just this life?” These are real questions that this debate provided clear answers for us from both sides. Bill Nye, according to his own answers, has no idea where we came from or what life even means because science hasn’t figured it out yet.  Ken Ham answered by saying, “There is a book…the Bible.” And it answers all those questions my friend…even the one about creation or evolution. Give it a read, it might just open your mind.

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