Top 5 Reasons I Love Our Annual Business Meetings (2014)

(This is a slightly modified version of an earlier post)

Mention the words “business meeting” and “church” in the same sentence and you will likely get some interesting verbal and non-verbal responses, most of which will be derogatory in nature. We have been blessed here at Grace to enjoy many encouraging business meetings. I actually look forward to our church business meetings. Here are my top 5 reasons:

5. We don’t agree on everything and that’s O.K. Our business meetings are about something bigger than any one of us and we get that.

4. We have a tremendously talented treasurer and ministry-minded trustees. Together they work hard at presenting a budget that reflects the varied priorities of the church. They do so in amiable way that has them pulling together as one to advance the gospel.

3. It is an annual celebration of God’s grace. Our annual report is not just some document meant for the archives; it is a statement of God’s grace in our midst. God is good and our annual meetings are a time to celebrate His goodness.

2. God is using this ministry. Our annual meetings are markers along the way that show the fruit of a ministry simply trying to trust God and see Him work. It is a joy to come together and see how God has used this ministry from year to year!

1. I get to be with some of my most favorite people for an hour or so!

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