One Life Well Lived

Today in a small Western New York village where temperatures will hover below zero, one life will be remembered. One life that was well lived. A simple life. A life of one who taught public school and Sunday school. Quiet, unassuming yet full of faith. There most likely will not be a big crowd there to say goodbye; a few family and friends will gather. Such is often the case when someone has lived to be 100. But there is a big crowd every Sunday at Grace Baptist Church and there wouldn’t be, in part, if it wasn’t for this one life. You see, one life lived well will touch many more.

Kay Williams was a charter member to our ministry.

Kay Williams at her 100th  birthday this past November.

Kay Williams at her 100th birthday this past November.

She was a faithful servant for decades. She was about God not herself. She loved Jesus, period. She witnessed to others to the very end. She gave praise to God even as her “outward man was perishing” to paraphrase Corinthians.  How fitting that Kay Williams would be memorialized the same day as Grace’s annual business meeting. After all, she was at the very first one 68 years ago!

We would do well to pause and reflect on our own lives. Are we living it well? Are we committed to Christ and His church? Will our lives touch many others? Listen, all it takes is giving God your heart and He’ll take it from there. When God has the heart of a person, even a quiet, unassuming Sunday School teacher; He can touch so many others.  Be one life lived well…and be like Kay. 

Here is a short clip from when Kay came to see our new addition in 2012. Ben Heale played for Kay one of her favorite hymns; “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” (how apropos!). It was an incredible moment when two completely generations did some impromptu worship. Listen closely and you can hear Kay singing the words. Great was her faithfulness!

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