41 Years

Today marks the 41st anniversary of Roe V. Wade. Certainly one of the, if not the, most infamous Supreme Court decisions to be passed down. Americans it appears, 41 years down the road, are growing less enamored with the abortion movement. A new (young) generation is making their voice known that they want to limit (& stop) abortions from happening.

Time will tell if this generation will indeed reverse the law of the land. In the meantime, 41 years is a long time to pray, but pray we must! Prayer is not bound by time, neither are God’s ways. We must give ourselves to waiting on the Lord, praying for his mercy, and continuing to work on being salt and light in this dark world.

Here is a video that walks us through the past 41 years politically and legally. Take note (and heart!) on how the tide seems to have turned on this issue.

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