Raising Generations Today ~ A Conference Just For Moms

September McCarthy knows a little something about motherhood. As mom of ten herself, she will be the first to admit her imperfections in parenting but she is giving motherhood all she has in order to raise another generation (read: her children) of Christ followers. September thinks there are many women like her out there simply trying to pass on something of their faith and life to their children. But along the way, they could use a little encouragement and practical help. Raising Generations Today is a conference just for moms that will do just that; encourage and help you in your high calling of being a mom.

The conference takes place at the Radisson Hotel in Corning, NY on Friday and Saturday March 21st & 22nd. This special weekend for moms will feature a long list of excellent communicators and authors who will touch on something for every mom through main sessions and breakouts. Christian recording artist and communicator Shaun Groves will even join in to lead worship music! Here is video with an invitation from September. We hope to see you there!

To register click here. 

For details on the event click here.

Or feel free to touch base with Doris Hurlbut here at Grace (local event coordinator).

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