Pray For Them

Logan 6

We recently took on the exiting role of serving as an advisory board member to Nate & Cherith Logan; church planting missionaries in Porto Alegre. With this comes even greater responsibilities to pray for, communicate with, and encourage and give counsel to the Logan’s and their sending church. As the Logans load up and head back to Brazil let’s go with them, in prayer at least. (Future hint: some of you may literally be able to go in 2015!).

Let us be faithful to the Logans and pray diligently for them. Here are their requests as they head “home” to Brazil.

Our bags are packed and our hearts are full as we leave January 16th to return Porto Alegre. We have three flights totaling about 14 hours.

Logan 7

Would you pray with us for…

  • the ability to easily adapt back to Brazilian culture and Portuguese
  • the boys as they start Brazilian school
  • grace for our families stateside as we say goodbye
  • the continued growth and maturity of the church plant
  • opportunities for the gospel with neighbors and friends upon our return

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