The Unhappiest Place On Earth

935954_169639543233134_1700568893_nSome of you might be tempted to think Western New York might be the unhappiest place on earth (especially this week!). But alas, it’s not; Togo, Africa is. Yup, the very same Togo, Africa where the Kosioreks are heading. This is exciting because they are heading there with the Good News! I can’t think of a better place to take good news than to the unhappiest place on earth. Below is the article from the Association of Baptists for Worldwide Evangelism detailing this finding of the unhappiest place on earth (original link here). Pray for the Kosioreks that God would be preparing them to bring hope to place in the world that desperately needs it!

Screen_Shot_2013-11-06_at_4.34.19_PM_220_555Recently, the United Nations released the results of a study they conducted to determine the happiest countries in the world. Among the happiest were Canada and Scandinavian countries. The United States came in 17th. But what country ranked the absolute last in their report?  A small, impoverished country in West Africa, called Togo.
Of the 156 countries studied, Togo was the unhappiest place to live in the world. It’s not surprising with only four doctors for every 100,000 people, which results in poor healthcare, highly infectious diseases, high fetal-infant and maternal death rates, and shorter life expectancies. These factors, coupled with poverty and hunger, help explain why happiness and hope feel foreign to the people of Togo.
Thankfully, we know there is hope, and ABWE has been sharing it in Togo for the last 40 years. Currently, ABWE is building the Hospital of Hope, a medical ministry center in Northern Togo, that will be a light in the darkness for this region of the world. The hospital’s construction began in 2009, and thanks to generous donors, it is on track to open in early 2015.


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