Giving Thanks ~ For The Kosioreks


It is truly something when you find yourself give thanks for that which has departed from you.

The Kosiorek’s have been called by God to go to Togo, Africa. There they will share medical help and even more importantly spiritual help to the Togolese people. They are the closest of friends to many here Western in New York. Regular, godly folks that said, “Here are we Lord, we will go.” Off they went. Sounds so simple.

Oh, but what great faith has been planted within them to leave the familiar, the friends, and home to live among a people that do not believe like them or live like them. What great faith there is to put everything else beneath the high calling to serve God wherever He wants them. What great faith to love God and others with all of their lives no matter how hard it gets.

Faith is just that; faith. It is hope that somehow has assurance. Faith has a conviction in things not seen. God honors, blesses and rewards faith. We are to give honor, support and thanks for faith. This is our duty to the Kosioreks. We are to lift them up, not in pride, but in prayer; to support them not in platitudes but in tangible terms; to give thanks for them, not for our sake, but for the sake of the gospel.

They will be the first to tell you they are nothing special. Exactly. God delights in using the “nothing special’s” of this world to do His supernatural work.  So, in the world’s eyes they may indeed be “nothing special.” But we see through different eyes and we get to see the power and glory of God through them. For this we certainly can be thankful!


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