Giving Thanks ~ What Is Love

The past year has been a banner year at the blog with tens of thousands of views. In a month that features giving thanks we seek to give our own thanks here by posting some of the most viewed posts of the past 12 months. A special new feature will be “Throwback Thursdays” where we will post some of the best images from the past 12 months.

We begin our month-long journey of gratitude by going back to February and the most viewed non-GBC related video that teaches us something about loving for a life time. Enjoy!

One thought on “Giving Thanks ~ What Is Love

  1. This is all very nice! I was thinking!!!!!! That can sometimes be not so good! 🙂 But while U were gone this past summer, our ReMission class graduated and we had Aimee takes pics of the group etc. These were never posted, as U were gone. I was thinking, since this was a significant milestone for our church in the counseling ministry, and in these folk’s lives that during this month of thanks, maybe it would be appropriate to recognize them and be thankful for the accomplishment in their spiritual lives and ministry here at Grace. Gay

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