Thank You For The Thank You


October was fatten the pastors up month…I’m just kidding…well sort of. It was Pastor Appreciation month which leads to all sorts of delicious treats showing up on our desks. Man, can folks at this church bake! Moving on from food, our chairman of the deacons organized a secret note writing campaign encouraging the folks of Grace to write notes of appreciation to the pastors. These notes were presented on the last Sunday of the month. What a blessing and encouragement! The Bible says “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” Those notes (pictured above) were apples of gold placed on top of a month of appreciation. Thank you for the thank you!

It is a joy to serve the people God has placed here at Grace. Shepherding is dangerous and messy work. We battle spiritual battles constantly. But shepherding is also glorious work. We give account to the King of kings (you know “I’m with HIM” kind of stuff). We have a mission guaranteed to succeed (on God’s terms not the worlds). We have an infallible guide in the Holy Word of God. We have the power in God’s Spirit to rescue a soul from damnation (super heroes only wish they had this kind of power!). We get to worship with the most wonderful imperfect people on earth, the saints. Somebody top that.

So, thank you for the thank you, but also thank you for being you. Wonderful displays of God’s grace and great friends in this journey called serving the Lord.

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