Keeping It Real With Agur

keeping it real

I’ve got to give props to Agur. You know the dude who wrote Proverbs 30. Well, O.K., maybe you don’t know that; but a guy named Agur wrote a whole chapter in the Bible. And you know what he led off with? [1] Check this out, “Surely I am more stupid than any man.” Classic stuff that. Really, that is in the Bible! A book devoted to the wisdom of the ages. Profundity and its most profound. Agur steps up, pontificates and delivers to some scribe, “Surely I am more stupid than any man.” Words eternally etched via the inspiration of God from Agur.

Words that I would do well to heed.

No, that line from Agur is not some piece of hokey humor but a statement of humility. A simple man stating the obvious. A man comfortable with himself. Comfortable enough to shout to the world, “I’m stupid…compared to God.” There is nothing like a man who gets himself.

I must confess that is something I have worked hard at lately; getting myself. My propensity, (If we are honest all of us have this propensity) is to view myself better than I really am. On a scale of 1 to 10 I will inevitably score myself higher than I really am. Of course, there are those Wisenheimers out there who score themselves lower, but they really believe they are higher. They just feign humility and put down an unrealistically low number. Admit to it, you know who you are. I said that in love, of course.

I’m me. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less and that is O.K. God made me…me. To think otherwise is to have an issue with God. To think more of myself is pride and to think less of myself is pride because either way is to think I know me better than the way God really made me. Got that? Let me rephrase it. True humility belongs to the person who most accurately understands himself in God’s eyes and lives accordingly.

Agur got this. He got the centrality and sufficiency of God’s Word to define who he was. Listen to verses 5 & 6 from Prov. 30, “Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him. Do not add to His words, lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar.” God knows best, and He knows us best. That is what Agur had figured out. He was comfortable in his own skin, as the idiom goes. Agur was keeping it real, in the modern vernacular. You get the point.

That’s what I want to be. I’m not sure I’m there yet but I’m battling my way there. I want to serve God just the way He made me to serve Him. I want to let Him define me, not me. The Apostle Paul put it this way in Philippians 3:12 “I want to grab hold of why Jesus Christ grabbed hold of me” (NMHT – New Mark Hurlbut Translation).  He saved me and called me to ministry for a reason (who’d a thunk that!). In the end by me just working at being me is the way I will bear the most fruit.

How about you? How are you doing at keeping it real with God and others? How comfortable are you in your own skin? Do you struggle with wishing you were someone else? Do you spend time comparing yourself to someone else? There is great freedom in accepting that God accepted you as you.

In the end, Agur really is the wisest one. Thanks for keeping real, Agur.

[1] Some manuscripts contain a revocalization; Hebrew The man declares to Ithiel, to Ithiel and Ucal  to The man declares, I am weary, O God;I am weary, O God, and worn out.

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