With You In Prayer – Restored Church Launches This Weekend

This Sunday will be a busy one for many churches across America. With school back in session and climatological changes afoot comes the start up of children’s ministries, youth programs, new Bible studies, new preaching series and so on. In Wilkes-Barre, PA however, one church will be literally starting up from scratch. Restored Church, led by pastors Dan Nichols & Tim Walker will hold their first “regular” church service this Sunday. God has already been working through the team there in Wilkes-Barre to see lives changed. Now they begin the journey of establishing a gospel-centered church ministry where no perfect people are allowed.

Grace Baptist partnered this past year with Missionary Pastor Dan Nichols (and thereby with the ministry) and we are excited to see a passionate team aggressively giving witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in a needy urban area. Here in Dan’s own words is their story unfolding in numbers, “Numbers aren’t everything, but they represent exciting stories developing at Restored Church! In May 2012, we had 0 members and 1 house church. Going into September 2013, we’ll have almost 40 members, highest attendance of 90 at a Preview Service, 5 house churches, 10 baptisms, and many salvations. Tim and I are shooting a new commercial tomorrow morning that will air 43x on our local NBC/CBS station here in Wilkes-Barre. Also, I will reach the “quarter-of-a-century” mark this week as I turn 25 years old. Keep praying – September 8th is coming up fast!”

While we can’t be there with them this Sunday we are praying for them. Would you do the same?

Here is a video the team put together promoting their launch.

Here is a link to an interview Dan & Tim did this week on a local TV program.

PA Live Prime: Restored Church (September 3, 2013) – PAHomepage.com.

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