It Felt Like The Early Church


As we pulled out on the the main road around 10:30 last night with a half hour ride home ahead of us Andrew Comings asked me what I thought of the prayer service we had just finished. I said without hesitation, “It felt like the early church.” Andrew grinned a grin of joy and satisfaction and concurred, “I hope we never lose that feeling as a church” he said.

Our team split up last night with myself going with Andrew out of the city to his church plant in a nearby town. The rest of the team stayed in Sao Luis and participated in the prayer service for Good News Baptist Church.

Let me digress for a moment. There are three (as Andrew describes it two and a half with his church plant) churches in Sao Luis. First Baptist which is the mother church to Good News Baptist which is the mother church to Andrew’s church plant Ebeneezer Baptist. These three churches are serving the Lord in a population area of well over 1 million people.

O. K. now back to last night.

Andrew’s church meets in a home for their Wednesday prayer meeting. Due to sheer limitations of space he asked just me to tag along with him and share the devotional. I must say the drive out to this home, in particular the road to get to this home, felt like we were in the deep rugged interior.

The road approaching our prayer meeting home .

The road approaching our prayer meeting home .

Oh, but what joy to sit around in a room with this group of mostly believers! I say mostly because there were some present that I do not believe our followers of Christ yet. We sang songs, well they did, since they sang in Portuguese, Andrew prayed, and then I opened up the Bible to share some Scripture and thoughts. Nearly an hour of prayer requests and prayer followed. During this prayer time a young woman, just married and recently saved prayed for the first time aloud. Wow, the emotion I could sense during her prayer from the group. A little Coca-Cola and coffee and some hugs goodbye closed out night. Yep, it felt to me something like what the early church would have. (Below is a video of their singing.)

And what joy it was to see Andrew Comings pastoring this small flock. I could sense they love him and are following his leadership in establishing a solid faithful church in their town. If this doesn’t get your blood flowing I just don’t know what would!

Meanwhile, the rest of the team (as mentioned earlier) went to service at Good News Baptist Church (pics of that will be posted later today). There they sang some songs, joined in on the service and fellowship, and experienced the joy of interacting and (trying to) communicate with Brazilians.

Today brings us a full day of ministry. Pray for us as we share the gospel and present Love & Respect over the course of the day!

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