Lights Of Distant Cities

The Apostle Paul persecuted and despised anything connected to the fictitious story of a resurrected Jesus. That is, until he met Him. Once he met Jesus, he loved him with all his heart and He was willing to be spat upon, reviled, persecuted and even die for Him.

How does that happen? Here’s how, when you look Jesus in the eye you have no choice but to be awestruck. His grace is overpowering, His mercy sweeps you off your feet and His forgiveness melts years of heart hardening instantaneously.

Paul was on his way to a distant city to find Jesus lovers, to punish them, and even kill them when he met Jesus. Jesus replaced hate with love in Paul’s heart. Paul went to Damascus driven by hate. He left constrained by the love of Christ. His life would change from traveling to distant cities to root out followers of Christ to one of traveling to distant cities to plant churches of Christ followers. He was never the same after meeting Jesus and neither should we.

The lights of distant cities called Paul and his missionary journeys took him to city after city. The call is still there to be heard if we have ears to hear. It is simply love to go and share Jesus. In a few hours 9 members of Grace will head off to the lights of a distant city, Sao Luis, Brazil. We go to help our missionary partner Andrew Comings share Jesus. Pray for us as we simply love people of a different city and continue in the footsteps of the command of Christ and the pattern set forth by the Apostle Paul.

Talk to you from Brazil!

(Above video is from an unknown source posted on Bebo Norman’s Facebook page.)

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