A Nite To Remember!

A guest post from Pastor Jeff Bartz

The world spells F-U-N differently than we do in the youth ministry at Grace. Our students can have the time of their lives without all the trappings that lead to heartache and regret. In the midst of high school prom and party season, we offer an alternative called, A Nite to Remember. It’s a special event that we held on June 14 for juniors and seniors in high school that also included youth leaders and parents (if you can imagine that!).

The first part of our evening was formal and included dinner at Terry Hills that was followed by the highlight of our time together – dessert at Grace with all the parents. To honor and bless our seniors we had a special presentation for them that consisted of a slideshow of each of them growing up and letters written and read by their parents. To say this time is meaningful is an understatement. It’s a tear-jerker. How do you sum up the life of your high school graduate, your memories, your hopes, your love – in words let alone just one page? What becomes apparent is the hand of God in each life, and it is truly unforgettable.

After drying our eyes, we switched gears and spent the remainder of the evening at Lasertron in Amherst. To cap off what was already a late night, we made a stop at Denny’s for a late night snack. I don’t recall what I ordered, but ended up with more eggs, cupcakes, whipped cream, and silly string than I could have ever handled on my own.

Yes, it was a night to remember. I was certainly impacted, in more than one way. But my minivan…my minivan will never be the same.

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