The Interview That Ushered Kailee Bridges Into Eternity (& Lilly Fund Update)

One month ago, many of us enjoyed a special nightIMG_4648
of healing and hope with Bebo Norman at Love for Lilly held here at Grace. However, many of you may not have caught a special one hour program on WDCX in Buffalo that aired just three days prior to Love for Lilly, on May 7th. The show was not podcasted so we were unable to share it with you until now. Neil Boron, the host of the show, was gracious enough to provide us with a recording.

Here is the incredible God part of this. As this show concluded, Kailee Bridges was slipping into eternity. Within an hour of the closing Bebo song, she was with her Lord. In fairness and full disclosure Bebo knew Kailee was failing when he did this interview (we had been texting almost daily at this point about her). To listen now, knowing what we know now, makes this show even more powerful.

The hour long program features extensive conversation with Bebo, several of his songs, some conversation with Pastor Hurlbut, and yes, some commercials. Click below and let this play while you move on to other things or just sit and listen and be blessed by this God moment (hour).

Love for Lilly raised well over $15,000 towards the Lilly Fund! IMG_4402We are so grateful for the love, prayers and financial support from so many! Kailee’s life became a way for many to hear about Jesus. She did not choose the path she was on but she walked it with grace and by grace.

This show would never have happened without Paul Meloon, who knows Neil Boron. Paul shared Kailee’s story with Neil which prompted WDCX to devote their prime listener hour to Kailee’s story. Thanks Paul for being willing to go for it, allowing so many to be blessed! 


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