Plan B Or Plan A?

How long before we descend into societal anarchy?Plan B As long as it takes us to completely rid ourselves of parental responsibility and replace that with child independence. Judging by my headlines this morning that should be about…soon.  

Yesterday our government signed off on not preventing anyone of any age from obtaining the pill called “Plan B” or “the morning after pill.” What is the so-called morning after pill?  Pardon my frankness, but if you had sex the night before this pill makes sure nothing stays alive that might have been conceived. Mom and dad it is none of your business what your child does with their body, no matter how young! Surely that is high moral ground to stake out isn’t it? Well, it is the ground we now stand on as a nation. Sounds like building a society on sand instead of a rock to me.

I find ironic, the name of the so-called morning after pill, is Plan “B.” God’s plans are always plan A. Our plans are always plan B.

I also find it ironic we are about to celebrate Father’s Day. Some celebration that is. By telling dads they don’t matter when it comes to one of the most significant decisions their daughter can make? Really?

Let’s compare the two plans.

God’s plan A: “Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise: that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” That would be Ephesians quoting the fifth of ten commandments. So plan “A” it is that it makes the top ten list of commandments!

O.K. now let’s look at our nations plan “B”: Children ignore your parents in the secular law, for this is right. Disrespect your father and mother which is commanded by popular culture with promiscuity: that it may be well with others who can feel good about themselves while you suffer the consequences.

Plan A: live a long happy life.

Plan B: do what you want and suffer the rest of your life from immature, irresponsible decisions.

“Yup, I’ll take plan B”, says our nation. Brilliant.

At the same time, we are a nation of young men who can’t “launch” and become mature, responsible adults well into their 20’s.  We are telling girls (and I mean girls – not young women!) that they can make life and death decisions about their bodies apart from mom and dad having to know anything. Sounds schizophrenic to me – or is that bi-polar?

God is long-suffering. We are evidence of that. But He will not turn His gaze away from our out and out defiance of Him forever. Our constant attempts to circumvent is plan “A”, will in the end prove to be foolish. As a once famous sermon repeated, there will be a pay day some day.

So let me ask the opening question again; “How long before we descend into societal anarchy?”

As soon as the trumpet blows, which by the appearance of things may not be all that long.

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