Patch & PeeWee!

As the days become warmer and longer, the Patch & PeeWee Club programs wind down. Another year of sailors singing and the laughter of children gives way to summer days.

We are so blessed to have two wonderful programs to meet the spiritual needs of children ages 3 through 5th grade. A fantastic group of leaders faithfully love, teach and play with the kids all school year-long. Ahh, but summer vacation beckons and celebrating another joyful year with the children dots our June calendar.

First up, pictures from the Patch the Pirate Club picnic held Saturday June 1, at the home of Jon & Rachael Morrill (Patch leaders).

Here is a video of the PeeWee Club sharing a song from their closing concert Sunday night.

Here is a picture of the Patch Club performing this past Sunday night as well.


Thank you parents, grandparents & guardians for bringing your kids each week. We trust our programs have been a blessing to your children. Thank you Rick & Cindy Heale (Patch Club) and Kim Ladley (PeeWee Club) for your leadership and love for the kids!

Enjoy your summer and be ready to sail again September 8th!

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