God Has Been So Good

Three years ago the people who make up Grace Baptist Church took a defining step of faith. They committed themselves to sacrificial giving to see just what God might do with simple faith. A faith that actually believes that God’s Word would not return void. A faith that believes if we humble ourselves and pray God will show up. A faith that treasures the power of the gospel to be operative when we obey by sharing it. A faith that believes with God all things are possible.

After all who are we? We are just us. An ordinary group of people just trying to be faithful, knowing we do not always get it right. But we try. Hmmm…maybe there is something to that, we just try.

Is faith devoid of activity? Is faith passive? Or is faith acting on what you believe? Faith without works is what? A dead faith. Talk of faith is cheap, acting on it is what costs.

This congregation swallowed hard three years ago and decided to act on their faith and God, I believe, honored that. How? By bringing more & more souls our way.

He who is faithful in the little things will be given greater things.  I do not claim that to be a demand on God but a principle of faithfulness. God loves to see faith. After all, He made us to believe in Him, to trust Him, and to love Him. When we do, He shows up and shows Himself to be the almighty God He is, capable of doing extraordinary things through very ordinary people. 

As a church, we are celebrating the completion of three years of sacrificial giving to see God save more people and spiritually grow more people. God has been so good, in fact, above and beyond what we could imagine.

Here are two videos from our campaign. The first one we showed last Sunday, in worship was produced by our missionary, Chris Brown and was from our season of prayerfully considering sacrificial giving. The second is from our Grand Opening worship service last May 20th. Enjoy these trips down memory lane and rejoice in how good God has been!

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