In The Shadow Of Sunday

One of the great temptations I know I can face as a pastorspotlight is the “platform syndrome.” You know the “it’s awesome to be in the spotlight on Sunday in front of the hundreds of people who attend Grace” kind of thing. Of course, the Bible has some strong words for that kind of thinking. Words like “puffed up” and well, let’s just call it what it is, sin.  There is no room in the ministry for a man who falls for that temptation. Everything becomes about him instead of Him and that leads to a very bad place. 

It’s not just pastors that can fall for this. Sunday School teachers, various youth and children’s ministry leaders, worship leaders, anyone can fall prey to making Sunday about something other than Christ, namely themselves.

How do we know if we are succumbing to this? When Sunday night comes, or Monday morning, is your evaluation of Sunday focused on how you did? Or what people thought of your ministry, whatever that may have been.  Are you emotionally tied to how you perceive Sunday went for you? Of course, as leaders and teachers we want to have some level of critique and review in order to improve and be more effective. But this effectiveness must be for God’s glory not our own.

I say all this, to share with you about a small group of people who have a significant ministry here at Grace that doesn’t take place on Sunday. It takes place in the shadow of Sunday, on Monday morning. It takes place far from any spotlight. So far, almost no one knows of their ministry.  While some of us are busy evaluating our Sunday and how we performed, taught, or made committee decisions, there is a small group of ladies who are busy praying. Yup, you know that thing we are supposed to do without ceasing. They meet to pray for people and for this ministry. They have been doing this for quite a while now.

So who are these ladies? Ahhh…you see that is the point, they minister out of the spotlight of Sunday. Are they a secret club? No, anyone can join them you just have to be willing to turn over Sunday to God on Monday.

We literally built the foundation of our new facility on prayers.PrayerStonesGMETS The Word of God and prayer we believe is the foundation to how Jesus builds His church. So yes, on Sunday the crowds come and some of us minister on a platform of different sorts, sharing the Word of God and praying too. Monday is coming and will we continue in the Word and prayer or will we be busy evaluating ourselves; ultimately more concerned with “our” ministry than with Christ’s?

For many who serve here at Grace I know we work hard at the former not the latter, but for a small group of ladies they literally make it happen. I am humbled and grateful for their faithfulness and commitment to lifting up the needs of this body and this ministry to the Lord in the shadow of Sunday every Monday.

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