Singing Of His Glory – Kailee & Bebo

We were made to sing of God’s glory. Our lives from the beginning were intended to reflect our Maker and to give praise to Him. Life only becomes full, only makes complete sense when we do. Kailee Bridges is teaching us that even when we face the impossibly hard; we can still sing of God’s glory. We can gain everything in this world, we can have all our eyes desire, but if we lose our soul we lose everything. We can gain eternal redemption of our souls and take whatever life brings, and in the end, gain it all. This is the wisdom Jesus teaches us about life. You see everything is temporary, a vapor, a fleeting moment, but our souls, the essence of who we are created in the image of God lasts forever. The only question is, will that forever be with or without God. God created us to sing of His glory forever.

Bebo Norman is coming to Batavia in less than a month. He and his wife are praying for Kailee. He simply wants to bless the family and a few hundred of their friends with his music. Bebo recently announced he is retiring “from all things music” after this tour. Next week he will release to radio stations across America what will most likely be his swan song, “Sing of Your Glory.” It’s a great song that Bebo says is about how even in the hardest times we can still sing of God’s glory and we can sing of it forever. You can say you heard it first here at GT blog!

Here is an acoustic version, which will actually give you a real taste for what to expect at his concert at Grace on May 10th. To order tickets for the Love for Lilly concert online click here. Only $25 seats are available online. There are few $30 seats left. To reserve $30 seats with cash or by check call 585-343-0729 (Grace Baptist Church Office).

To learn more Kailee’s story click on the drop down box for the search blog for categories and click on Kailee Bridges.

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