Love For Lilly Tickets With Bebo Norman

Bebo Norman Promo

I have rarely had such mixed emotions as I have had this past week. On one hand, we are so thrilled to have Bebo Norman here May 10th, to hear this incredible musician’s music. On the other hand, Kailee Bridges remains in full-out battle mode. She is still in ICU recovering from her surgery of three weeks ago. Her husband Justin remains by her side and Lilly remains with grandma and grandpa. “One day at a time” has never been a more true and real expression, but look ahead to May 10th we must, so here is how to get tickets for this event.

Ticket prices. Seats will be $30 & $25 each. The seats in the front half of the auditorium will be $30 and seats in the back half of the auditorium will be $25. The auditorium at Grace seats 500.

How to purchase ticketsTickets will go on sale Thursday and Friday March 28th & 29th at Grace Baptist Church (238 Vine St. Batavia NY). For these two days only, tickets may be purchased in person at the church. 

Beginning Monday, April 1st, tickets may be purchased in person at the Grace Baptist Church office or by texting the following number 1-585-815-5642. Tickets may also be ordered by private messaging, Mark Hurlbut via Facebook. You will receive a reply text (or message) confirming your request for tickets. You will then have one week to mail a check to Grace Baptist (see above for address). If payment is not received in a timely manner the tickets will be released for general sale. You must include in your text, your name, how many tickets you are purchasing and an address the tickets can be mailed to as soon as we receive payment.  Checks should be made payable to Grace Baptist Deacons Fund (Lilly on memo line). If you do not have access to write a check, private message Mark Hurlbut on Facebook.

The event will use reserved seating, so the earlier you buy, the closer you will be in either section.

Further details and information will be made available here on the blog and on Facebook @ Love for Lilly. Please direct all questions to the Facebook Love for Lilly page or call Grace Baptist Church 1-585-343-0729 and mention you are interested in the Love for Lilly event.

Here is a new video that has been put together with a Bebo Norman song for Kailee. Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers and support.

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