Kailee, Lilly, Bebo And The Rest Of The Story

Bebo Norman Promo

For the latest information on the “Love for Lilly” concert go to Facebook/Love for Lilly

Kailee is in full battle mode after surviving a life saving surgery three weeks ago. In the bigger picture she is in battle mode against Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that has amassed to cover 3/4 of her pelvis. In addition to the pelvic tumor, the cancer metastasized to her lungs and formed 9 spots before doctors discovered it last fall. While she recovers from her dramatic surgery she is unable to be treated for her cancer. The battle wages on.

In the meantime, Bebo Norman has graciously agreed to come to Grace May 10th and perform a concert on behalf of Kailee Bridges to benefit her 3 month older daughter Lilly. I am humbled by Bebo’s heart. He has released another CD titled “Lights of Distant Cities” (which you can check out here) and is in the middle of what will be his final tour. He has a thousand other things to do besides come to Batavia to play a benefit concert for some people he doesn’t even know. Well, that is not completely true. You see, his wife knows a member of Grace; Julie Barber. Here is the rest of the story.

Jim & Julie Barber moved to Batavia a couple of years ago from Tennessee. While in Tennessee, Julie happened to work at a coffeehouse with a woman who was Bebo’s wife. They struck up a friendship, the kind co-workers would. Bebo would even play once in while at the coffeehouse. Fast forward to February 10th of this year. After I preached “Picking Up Your Cross” (see part of it here) and showing a video about Kailee, Julie was touched by Kailee’s situation. She approached my wife and mentioned she knew Bebo’s wife and wondered if it would be o.k. to ask if Bebo would be willing to do a benefit concert. My wife passed the question along to me and being a Bebo fan for many years, in my calm, cool, heart I said, “YES!” I have to admit, I thought no way is Bebo going to come to Batavia and do a benefit for our family, seriously, no way. Uh, yes way. Bebo said he was humbled to be invited. That my friends speaks volumes of the character of this musician. He is a man who is willing to use the gifts God has given him to bless others even when there is virtually nothing in it for him.

Beyond just saying he would come and do a concert, our original date for the benefit wasn’t going to work for Bebo. He asked if I could be patient and wait while he tried to work something out. This was the same week of Kailee’s radical life saving surgery. I was wondering how long we would even have Kailee with us let alone when to schedule a benefit concert. I determined to wait on the Lord and trust whatever would come of this or not to Him. It took a week or so but Bebo worked out a date. He didn’t have to, but he wanted to. Humbling.

Here is a taste of what you might hear from Bebo. This is an acoustic version of one of his new songs, “The Broken.”

We have been blown away by the interest in this event along with the prayers and well wishes of so many. Soon we will announce ticket information and other pertinent details about the benefit. Thank you for your love and on behalf of Kailee’s family I assure you we treasure it!

To read more and see more about Kailee’s journey you can go to:

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6 thoughts on “Kailee, Lilly, Bebo And The Rest Of The Story

  1. Thank you for sharing! Living in N Carolina now will keep be from attending, but not from giving! Love and prayers, Theresa Ferry

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