Praise Him, Praise Him

I am convinced we have no idea how good God is to us. One day we will have our eyes opened to the absolute majesty of His grace and we will humbled beyond belief. 

Every once and a while we get a taste of His amazing goodness this side of eternity. Today, Kariin particular I am thinking of our own Grace missionaries, Kari Shirk and the Kosiorek’s. God has been unbelievably good to them these past few weeks.

Kari Shirk has been blogging up a storm lately and she has shared incredible stories of God’s goodness and redemptive work around her in Peru. Take a moment head over to her blog and rejoice with her.

Kari Shirk’s blog. 

The Kosiorek’s are on pre-field getting ready to serve God for years to come in Mango, Togo. In order for them to move on to the next step of something called Field Prep
Seminar they needed to have 85% of their support committed by March 17th. As of a month ago they were still over 10% short of that goal. Not any more! Today the Kosiorek’s will be officially 85% (maybe even slightly higher). Only God can do that!Kosioreks Pray card

The Kosiorek’s now can pack up and head out for two weeks of training at ABWE the end of this month. Next up will be Muslim training, raising another 15%, Eric’s preparations for ordination and later this year, off to language school in Albertville France.

Much to do but God has been so good so far. Praise Him!

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