It seems as though our Senior Pastor has been in the news lately, so of course we will cover it here!

The Baptist Bulletin wrote a nice article about Pastor Shirk’s “Vacation of a Lifetime”and the reason for it. Click here to check it out.

ResizeImageHandlerPastor Shirk has been published once again. This time contributing a chapter to the book, “The Pastor: A Guide for God’s Faithful Servant.” He was asked to share wisdom and insight on how to guide a pastoral staff.  This book was edited by Dr. Jim Vogel our State Fellowship Representative.

You can order a copy by clicking here.  

(Apparently the RBP link to this book is not working. I’ve updated the link to take you to the RBP homepage where you can search and find the book. My apologies.)


A rare old photograph has been discovered circa 1978…

Shirk Old Pic

I’m sure you can tell which one is Pastor Shirk, but which one is a missionary we support? Hint: he was here not long ago.

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